Joining LOHF

Thank you for your interest in joining Ladies of Horror Fiction. We are a small organization dedicated to putting a spotlight on the underrepresented, and it is heart-warming that so many people have expressed interest in joining us. 

Because of that interest, we thought we’d lay out the guidelines for membership with us. We want people that are truly passionate about what we’re doing, and that understand and appreciate the value of teamwork. These are our specifications according to those precepts: 

1. Anyone that we eventually consider to join the team will be someone who already enthusiastically participates in LOHF activities. That means this person is participating in the official #LOHFReadalongs, as well as joining us in our Banshee Reads club reads on a regular basis.

2. This person already makes a habit of trying to promote women in horror fiction via reviewing horror works from female writers, RT’ing related items on Twitter (if applicable), and doing Bookstagram posts showcasing works from these writers.

3. This person will have the time to devote to a project that we all take very seriously. They are not after just getting their name attached to a good organization. They will volunteer to help out in various ways, and will be able to devote at least 2 hours a week to the organization.

4. This person will be zero drama – and we will scroll through their social media feeds and ask mutual acquaintances about them just to make sure.