Review Policy


Thank you for your interest in having your book reviewed by Ladies of Horror Fiction.

Though we will be posting reviews of horror fiction written by women, we do not accept review requests through this site.

Interested female authors must reach out to the individual reviewers, following their specific review policies. Some reviewers may require hardcover copies. It is the author’s responsibility to follow the guidelines each reviewer lays out.

We do not guarantee we will accept your book for review consideration.

Ladies of Horror Fiction is set up to promote women writing horror, and as such, negative reviews will not appear on this site. If a book is reviewed and found to be lacking a minimum of a three-star rating, that review will be posted on the reviewer’s individual site, but not on Ladies of Horror Fiction.

Understand that all the reviewers involved with this movement are dedicated to writing honest and unbiased reviews. We will not unfairly weight our reviews to allow someone to be posted on the site. 

If any of the reviewing collective choose to review a book, reviews will first be posted on our individual sites, as well as retail sites in accordance with the reviewer’s site-specific policy.  After that, briefer reviews will be posted on the Ladies of Horror Fiction site from said reviewers in accordance with calendar availability. Occasionally we may choose to post full-length reviews on here instead of on our individual sites, but that is expected to be the except and not the rule.

For your convenience, we have listed the individual sites of the admins below. In alphabetical order:

Bark’s Book Nonsense

Book Den

BookHappy (Instagram)

Finding Montauk

Red Lace Reviews

Sci-Fi & Scary

The Misadventures of a Reader

Tracy_Reads79 (Instagram)